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Providing United States & Local Community Support

Office Support Systems has spent years serving our customers with ink, toner, and other services throughout the United States. However, community support and environmental responsibility rank as high priorities with our company. While a healthy bottom line makes our business grow and progress, staying conscious and contributing to the welfare of our neighbors and our planet must also be a constant effort. Our commitment to giving back and helping our local community and the welfare of our environment is part of what drives us as a business. The ethical action of any business is to help others as our customers have helped make us a success. The respectable way to ensure future progress is to promote business activities that benefit the world for a better tomorrow. We’ve been fortunate to grow as a company over the years, so it’s a pleasure to give back.

oss green initiative

OSS Green Initiative

Office Support Systems, American Forests, and HP, partnering to conserve our environment while planting forests. We strive to be a socially responsible corporate citizen. We are engaging our customers to create a cleaner environment with us through the OSS GREEN INITIATIVE. Our innovative approach not only plants trees through American Forests, but we take it a step further by offering a recycling program that keeps ink and toner cartridge plastic out of oceans and landfills.

Oregon Food Bank Flier

Oregon Food Bank

As a company located in the Pacific Northwest, we’re active in supporting the members of our Oregon communities. Our efforts with the Oregon Food Bank currently provide 600 meals every month to individuals experiencing hunger. The basic needs for a meal and a clean environment can’t be ignored in the name of profits. Office Support Systems is doing our part with our Green Initiative and community support that affect United States ecological health and local communities. If you have any questions about our commitment to our community and environment, give us a call today to discuss the importance of giving back.

Our Green Initiative

In an effort to conserve our environment, Office Support Systems has partnered with HP and American Forests to enact the OSS Green Initiative. In addition to planting trees in American forests, we advance our environmental efforts with a recycling program that we offer to customers. This effort helps to keep toner and ink cartridge plastic out of the landfills and oceans. With this program, every label sale, new MPS contract, and recycle of a cartridge equals money donated to plant new trees across the nation. We track the donations made from MPS contract and label sales. All toner comes with a prepaid shipping label to ship the empty cartridge back in the same box for us to process. Just send us an email to let us know how many cartridges you returned to us.

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