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Saving You Money

Office Support Systems is a proud HP Partner, offering modern day, convenient MPS systems. Manage Print Services are a universal way to save money, time, and energy. The MPS System can automatically order supplies, and make sure you have everything you need to print without interruption.

MPS works by monitoring the printer’s usage reports for each printer on an MPS contract. This reduces wasted costs, wasted cartridges and suppy shortages. Office Support Systems strives to keep cartridges OUT of our landfills, while keeping you printing! MPS systems enable people always having the supplies they need on hand, without overstocking cartridges you don’t need, saving you money.

person fixing ink cartridges

The Benefits of Our MPS Systems

It’s not just a discount, MPS contracts come with big bundles:

  • 24-hour service number to call, when your printer isn’t functioning properly. 91% of the time, your issue is fixed over the phone!
  • When your printer issue can’t be fixed over the phone, an HP partnered technician will be dispatched, at now extra cost to you.
  • 1-5 year contracts with a fixed, budget-able price
  • No extra fees, you pay the price per page listed in contract, nothing more!
  • Deeper understanding of your printing needs will allow us to build your MPS contract with personalization for each user, for each printer, to always meet your needs.
  • Reducing the number of unused cartridges prevents waste; keeping our planet cleaner!
  • Easy contracts that don’t trap you – we can build contracts to meet short term needs, or fit your business as your needs change.

A Greener Future

We want to help your company promote productivity, efficiency, and profitability through our MPS program.

Being a responsible corporate citizen is of paramount importance to Office Support Systems. We have proudly partnered with American Forests to replant trees, and repair our environment. For every $1 donated, 1 tree is planted! When you set up an MPS contract with us, we donate $25 to American Forest to plant 25 trees! We don’t just stop there; once we’ve worked to plant those 25 trees, we support our customers in recycling their toner by providing a return shipping label, and donating a further $0.50 for each toner recycled. How many trees can you plant?

Creating Innovative Printing Procurement and Recycling Solutions Since 1993