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What is a QR Code Label?

A Quick Response Code, or “QR” code is a machine-readable matrix code that allows someone to quickly and conveniently use a smartphone to scan the code and learn more about an item, product, or page it is attached to. When read by an Apple or Android product, the QR code can drive traffic to your website.


We Offer Customers the Option of Adding a Qr Code to Their Label to Promote:

Detailed Customer Engagement

A QR code placed on a label allows a customer to learn and interact with your product in unique ways. With the ease of sending someone to virtual resources on your products, your customer has the freedom to explore virtually – and order electronically.

Education and History of Your Product

Every company has a story, every product has a story – tell your story, to every customer, anytime. QR codes give you the chance to enable customers to understand and appreciate the story behind your product.

Analytic Structures

Learn from real numbers about how customers engage with your products. QR codes allow for analytical studies of customer behavior by using QR code technology. This technology empowers the ability to study the overall demographics of your customer bases so that your company can steer sales and marketing to your most interested customers.

Post Printed Marketing Opportunity

One of the most exciting aspects of QR codes is driving traffic to digital media, giving the opportunity for continuous improvement. A powerful deployment of this technology could be fostering community around your customers by allowing photos or videos of your product to be shared, running active promotional deals, providing up to date contact information, introducing new uses for the products, introducing new versions of products, or reordering opportunities for consumables.

Increase Customer Interaction by Driving Engagement to Your Social Media

QR codes can also be linked throughout social media and can drive customers to spread the word about your product, advertisements and promotions. Instead of having a sales call customers with current promotions – let customers discover them dynamically!

Output Your Ideas

Share your passion, story, and journey with every product!

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