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Custom Product Labels for United States Products

Producers of products in just about every industry have requirements regarding high-quality labeling for shipping, product boxes and containers, and the products themselves. Office Support Systems has been in business since 1993, and we’ve learned to be responsible for our impact on clients and the world. You can expect your label orders to always meet your standards of quality in materials and printing, and our market-leading service ensures your complete satisfaction. For a global perspective, we’re also an environmentally-responsible business with excellent recycling programs for our customers. Call us for details about our reliable label services.


Reasons to Bring Your Business to Office Support Systems

Office Support Systems has a lot to offer to clients looking for custom product labels. A few reasons to consider us as your supplier include:

Completely Customized Labels

Get your labels printed in any size and with any material to fit your products precisely and withstand wear. Providing exact dimensions is crucial to the fit, look, and function of your products. For example, a lipstick tube with a label that’s too long can cause issues getting the cap on or off. Label edges hanging over the corner of a container are more susceptible to peeling off.

Our Custom Quality Labels Are Suitable for Any Use

If it’s a customer-facing label, the graphics and layout must be high-quality and visually appealing to buyers. For instruction, ingredient, or warning labels, the text should be clearly printed, and the ink and label material should be durable to withstand wear, friction, and the the elements.

We Offer an Extremely Diverse Set of Skills to Clients

Our design and printing capabilities are well-developed after more than 25 years and the variety of products we can print for runs through any industry of merchandise. Our services regularly apply to label and printing needs for food distribution, shipping, cosmetics, asset management, and much more.

Clients Enjoy the Benefit of Our Competitive Pricing

We can offer lower pricing for all of our products due to our years of business relationships with many large vendors. Our clients can take advantage of special pricing for high-volume purchasing or bulk deals.

Reliable Service with Consistent Quality

Get three decades of expertise and quality for your United States company’s custom product labels by calling Office Support Systems today. We’ll keep you satisfied with our commitment to your complete satisfaction.

Creating Innovative Printing Procurement and Recycling Solutions Since 1993