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About OSS

Office Support Systems, started by Tony Veal in 1993, sought to be the most innovative and ecofriendly supplier of Compatible and OEM ink and toner in the Northwest. A family run business, the company has developed new skills and products over the decades to provide hands on solutions, global know-how, and local service. Office Support Systems is a national reseller and direct distributor of technology solutions to hundreds of organizations across the country. Headquartered in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, we strive to provide superior service and limitless options, combined with expert experience to our diverse customers, meeting their label, toner, and ink needs.

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Long Lasting Label Solutions

Through three decades, Office Support Systems has provided valuable products to our customer meeting their specific needs, and their budgets. Our custom labels allow us to provide expertly selected custom label solutions to our wide variety of customers, adapting to their specific needs. We can offer long lasting, durable, and non-fading labels for customers needing medical grade labels.

Any color, shape, or size, and for any use – we can expertly craft a solution for you. Office Support Systems offers custom labels for your budget, filling orders of any size. We are also proud to extend a storage option to customers for bulk label orders. Please contact our team today, we would love to exceed your labeling needs!

Competitive Prices

We deliver excellence for every customer, and our pricing is no exception. Years of relationships with big name vendors allows us to pass our savings directly to you. We strive to offer Big Deal pricing for customers that are ready for bulk deals or high volume purchasing.

Environmentally Responsible

In 1993, we realized the need to both fulfill consumable printing needs and taking care of the environment. We have nailed it with great recycle programs for our customers - to support all of you in the quest to be responsible corporate citizens.

Market Leading Service

We know service, we're named after it! Through three decades we've learned how to meet customer needs, and exceed expectations. We delivery with the precision and knowledge of a giant corporation, but with our small business, home-grown, family run touch.

Superior Quality

We are proud to offer the right products and solutions to our customers at a price that meets any budget leveraging our decades of experience and relationships with our vendors. We've narrowed our product offering to great options for our customers, leaving out lower quality products that can't meet our customer's expectations.

Reliable Experience

Checking every box, every time. We not only strive to meet all your needs, we take the time and our vast experience to help you discover exactly what you need - then we make that happen!

Engaged Teamwork

Through our leadership of long term relationships engaging employees, vendors and customers we have built a network of people ready and available to assist you with ink, toner, labeling needs.

Creating Innovative Printing Procurement and Recycling Solutions Since 1993